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Entry Gate Information

A security company guard is on duty at the West Gate seven days a week.

Homeowners, who have a CCCC decal displayed on the left front windshield of their vehicle, will be admitted without question by the guard. Decals for homeowners are available upon request from the Management Company at no charge.

To assist in the flow of traffic at the gate, please call ahead and advise the guard when you are expecting a guest or service provider. Guests and/or service employees will be denied entrance by the guard unless permission for the guests/service employee to enter has been given by the homeowner. Authorized entrants are proved with a temporary gate pass to be displayed on their dashboard.

Gate cards and remotes are available on request from the Management Company. Remote controls with ten positions are required and may be programmed by the Guard. It is recommended that batteries in remote controls be changed periodically to ensure their proper operation.

Guests and/or service providers seeking entry when the guard is not available may proceed as follows:
The Directory at the gate contains the names of all current homeowners in alphabetical order by last name. Scroll up or down to find the homeowner’s name and the accompanying three digit code. Input that code using the keypad on the kiosk. The kiosk will then place a call to the homeowner telephone and a message will appear on the screen indicating that the number is being dialed. After identifying the visitor, the homeowners may cause the gate to open by firmly pressing the numeral 9 on their phone; and after a short pause, the gate should open. When the gate opens the call will be disconnected and a message “Please Enter” will appear on the kiosk screen.

Should either the entrance gate or the exit gate fail to operate, when the guard is unavailable or after regular business hours, please report the problem to Management Company's answering service by calling 760-862-1202.

Although members live in a gated community there are many visitors and service providers in the area on a daily basis. To deter crime and protect your personal possessions, normal security precautions should be practiced.

•     Do NOT leave valuables in the sight of others.
•     Do NOT leave your doors unlocked when not at home.
•     Lock the doors on vehicles not parked in your garage.
•     Park vehicles in your garage and keep the garage door closed. Do not leave keys or valuables in car.

Important Information

Location: West Gate Entry

Phone: 760-321-8079

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